Corporate Profile

Registered name: MKJ Inc.

Office: 2-20-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

Established: 10th March 2009

CEO: Mitsuhiro (Mike) KAWAI


Japan, as the world’s third largest economy, represents a huge consumer market. Although the nation’s two largest urban centres, Tokyo and Osaka, in many ways look and feel like many North American cities, Japan nevertheless is a uniquely Asian country where less than 5% of the population have a working knowledge of English. Despite many apparent similarities, the Japanese mindset in particular, is distinctly different from that in the West. Not surprisingly, decision-making and outcomes can also prove to be rather different so that professional, cross-cultural bridge-building and support on-the-ground often are indispensable.

Selecting and using the proper business consultancy and/or local partner will often mean the difference between success and failure in the lucrative Japanese market. The Japanese economy is after all of such a huge scale and variety —across myriad sectors— that there are many seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome…

To put the size in perspective, the entire ASEAN economy is about 10% as big as Australia’s. In contrast, the entire Australian economy is only 10% as big as the Japanese economy.
Moreover, Japanese companies initially move very slow. However, once a decision is made to adopt a new product or service, things can move very quickly from that point onwards. This places a high value on the initial method of engagement and MKJ is ideally positioned to assist new entrants from abroad from the earliest stage.

MKJ Corporate Objectives
To provide its clients with:

  1. optimized marketing plans with specialized advice on how, when, and where to target and enter the Japanese market place;
  2. financial analysis and review to establish appropriate budgets to support business initiatives;
  3. robust solutions for in-house human resources, including optimal training, assignment, and budgeting.;
  4. any other ancillary services required to accomplish the stated objectives;
  5. full support when contemplating investment in and/or establishing businesses in Japan;

by fully leveraging MKJ core competencies to assist with business models and marketing plans with the proper focus on the Japanese market.


MKJ partners with local bi-lingual service providers to provide comprehensive “end to end” solutions encompassing –as little or as much as needed– from back office, IT, HR, etc. to marketing support for new market entrants.