Registered: MKJ Inc.

Office: 2-20-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

Established: March 10, 2009

CEO: Mitsuhiro Kawai


  1. Create optimized marketing plans with specialized advice on targeting the Japan market place.
  2. Financial analysis and review to establish appropriate budgets to support business initiatives.
  3. Establish robust solutions for in-house human resources, including training, assignments, and budgets.
  4. Provide any other complimentary services required to accomplish the objectives listed above.

Mission Statement

Fully support companies contemplating investing and establishing business in Japan by utilizing MKJ core competencies to assist with business models and marketing plans that focus on the Japanese market.


Japan is world`s third largest economy by GDP and therefore represents a large consumer market. Japan`s two largest Cities (Tokyo and Osaka) have a similar look and feel with other major Western cities. Japan however is an Asian country where English speakers are less than 5% of the population. Even where there are similarities, Japanese thinking way is very different to most Westerners. Hence decision making and outcomes can be somewhat different and professional, cross-cultural support is necessary.

These services are not a waste of time and money. These services greatly assist to progress business in Japan. Then Japanese economy is of a huge scale so there are many challenges to overcome.

To put the size in perspective, the entire Total ASEAN economy is about 10% of the Australian economy. In contrast, the entire Australian economy is 10% of the Japanese economy. Initially, Japanese companies move very slow. But once a decision is made to adopt a new product or service, things can move very quickly from that point. This places a high value on the initial method of engagement and where MKJ can assist.

MKJ customers

  • Existing legal entities looking to establish a business presence in Japan
  • Start-up businesses in Japan from the beginning.
  • Established businesses in Japan looking to improve their operations, profitability and market share

MKJ Partners

MKJ partners with local bi-lingual service providers to provide and “end to end” solution for newly established businesses for back office support, IT etc.